What Future Globalisation?

The 11th Annual Global Development Network Conference will take place over three days between 16-18th January 2010 in Prague, Czech Republic.

The conference will focus on globalization and regional integration in the context of the recent economic crisis. It brings together more than 500 leading thinkers from developing and emerging economies to stimulate discussion based on cutting-edge research and evidenced opinion.

There will be five main sessions focusing on the key themes looking at threats to globalization; lessons of regional integration; responses to the crisis and reforming global financial governance. Prominent speakers from the widest range of institutions including donors, multilaterals, southern governments and western and eastern academic organisations, will contribute global perspectives during plenaries and the range of parallel sessions and at workshops held for the two days prior to the conference.

Professor Anthony Giddens (LSE) will be the Keynote Speaker at the special session on Climate Change.

Together with this blog, a daily newsletter will be produced both digitally and in print offering insight into the day’s events and plenary sessions. The main focus of the conference will be the economic backdrop of the global financial crisis and will offer research of developing mechanisms that could counter the effects of future crises.

The conference will also feature the final round of the highly-regarded Global Development Awards and Medals competition. They offer some of the biggest monetary prizes for research and development projects around the world. The awards are given to innovative research and existing worthy projects that have gone someway to improving and sustaining growth and development in developing countries.


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