A New Decade: A New Agenda for Globalization

Gerardo della Paolera*

The timing and location of GDN’s 11th Annual Conference could not be more perfect.

Gerardo delle Paolera, GDN PresidentWe enter a new decade without much of the certainty and confidence that accompanied us into the New Millennium. Conventional thinking about globalization has been shaken to the core by the current financial crisis. The demise of the Washington Consensus, sealed by the events of 9/11 and those that followed, has left us in a “no man’s land” with no obvious successor to the previous policymaking consensus. We are at a ‘Tipping Point’ in the balance of world power: the dominance of western nations is coming to an end and the baton is being passed to such emerging powers as China, India and Brazil.

The Global Development Network 11th Annual Conference, Regional and Global Integration: Quo Vadis? is convening some of the world’s big thinkers to tackle the big questions that arise from this context.

The questions are wide-ranging. What is the legitimacy and rightfulness of the ‘western or northern worldview’ about the meaning of global and regional integration? Does it mean the same thing for the USA, China, The European Union and India? In the wake of the ‘one size fits all’ political economy paradigm (as a mean to achieve high levels of socio-economic development), what is its successor? Is it possible to design a new kind of Global Monetary and Financial Architecture to deliver fairer governance of our powerful multilateral organizations? If so, what would it look like?

For three days between January 16-18th, more than 400 people will debate and discuss key issues in the heart of Europe. Daily bulletins will be published on the GDN website which will be open for commentary from others who cannot be there. We need your insights and fresh ideas on these urgent issues of globalization: take time out to help us deliver on this urgent agenda.

It is an exciting time for us all. In Prague we will have on the table – either explicitly or implicitly – various competing models of capitalism under scrutiny. Remember, there has never been a peaceful transition from one type of hegemony to another so what is in store for us during this century of transition? We look forward to the outcomes of the conference deliberations, and invite you to join in the conversation.

Gerardo della Paolera is President of the Global Development Network

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