GDN Welcomes You to Prague!

Welcome to the beautiful city of Prague for the 11th Annual Global Development Conference.  The next few days promise to be incredibly interesting.

The event provides the opportunity for delegates to share new knowledge and ideas.  But what else? What makes this conference stand out from the next?  How will you remember it?  Will it be the special session on climate change given by Lord Anthony Giddens? Will it be the chance to meet up with old friends and colleagues?  The Czech hospitality?  The city skyline?  The snow?

For each of you, the answer will be different.

Please tell us!

To capture your ideas inspired by the conference, capture your thoughts, and the discussions you have had. Tell your friends, your family, your colleagues around the world, and the man on the street what you have discussed. There is a transition taking place within the global political economy and we all need to be prepared to adapt.   This is a fantastic opportunity to bring forward a wave of commentary and dialogue on economic and regional integration against the backdrop of the global financial crisis.

Start the dialogue today by following the blog and adding your own commentary, ask one of the GDN communications team to capture your thoughts on video so we can post it on You-Tube, or join the discussion on Twitter through the following conference tag #gdn2010.

See more stories from the GDN 2010 Conference, watch participants’ videos interviews, download conference presentations and papers


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