You are the Global Development Network: Spread the Word!

In this final message from the 11th Annual Global Development Conference, GDN’s President and Chief Economist challenge you to take forward the debates that we heard in Prague. We do not want it to be ‘just another conference’, but the beginning of an ongoing dialogue that leads to consensus, and action.

So, we need to know ‘How was it for you?’ Please take three minutes to tell us:

  1. What was the main message that you have taken away from the conference? For example, watch Boris Vujcic on You-Tube talking about his personal ‘take-away’ messages.
  2. Who have you told? Please tell us two people you have told about the conference (and their institutions, if relevant) and where you plan to communicate the messages of the conference in the future.

From this we will produce a network map of the conference to show its reach.



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