Professor Ernest Aryeetey: The Rise of the New Philanthropy

By Jermeen El-Baroudy

Professor Ernest Aryeetey has confirmed he will be keynote speaker at plenary of GDN conference in Bogota. Publisher of 3 books, 5 edited volumes, 32 journal articles and many working and discussion papers, Professer Arteeyey is very well known for his work on informal finance and microfinance in Africa.

During the conference Professer Aryeetey will be speaking about “Innovative Sources of Development Finance and the Rise of the New Philanthropy”.

His focus of work is know to be around the economics of development with interest in institutions and their role in development, regional integration, economic reforms, financial systems in support of development and small enterprise development.

Winner of the prestigious Michael Bruno Award of the World Bank, July 2010 Aryeetey added another starring point in his CV when he assumed Office as New Vice-Chancellor of University of Ghana.

A recent paper on “Institutional analysis of financial market fragmentation in Sub-Saharan Africa, a risk-cost configuration approach” is to be found in the unique GDN Knowledge Base (which contains more than 16,000 academic papers the majority of them from the south).

He was previously a Member of the Programme Committee of the African Economic Research Consortium (AERC), Nairobi (2005-2009) and has been associated with AERC since 1988. AERC is one of GDN’s eight RNPs which enables the global network to have its feet firmly on the ground in the southern research community. GDN funds RNPs to carry out research that is defined and carried out by its own regional members – rather than responding to northern research agendas. Since 1988, AERC has given 340 research grants involving over 400 researchers in 22 African countries. The research outputs are internationally published and distributed to the academic and policy community.

You can find out more about Professor Aryeetey on his profile on GDN as he one of the GDN Board members. In GDN Researcher database, which contains more than 10,000 southern researchers working across economic and social science you can find out more on researcher with similar research interests as that of Professor Ernest Aryeetey.

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