Key Conference Speaker: Mauricio Cárdenas

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Mauricio Cárdenas has contributed a great deal to the Global Development Network, especially through his role as head of the Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association (LACEA), currently one of GDN’s Regional Network Partners (RNPs). Mauricio Cárdenas’s agenda is one to always keep an eye on.

Currently a senior fellow and director of the Latin American Initiative, Cárdenas will be one of the main speakers at GDN’s upcoming 12th Annual Conference to be held in Bogota. Cárdenas will speak on day 3 of the conference at Plenary 6, a roundtable discussion about “Financing development: looking into the future”. The session will focus on the central policy lessons emanating from all of the conference discussions and suggest new and innovative ways forward for economic policy.

Cárdenas’s research interests include climate change and poverty reduction, he also has strong opinions on how best the world can allocate money to aid development. The current global economic crisis has meant that policy-makers in aid and development finance seem to be fighting a loosing battle. In a recent interview with GDN, Cárdenas stated that he believes the GDN Annual conferences are important in getting new development research to be recognized and heard within the policy-making community:

GDN’s role… is decisive in strengthening the dialogue within Latin America; and between Latin America and the developed world. Over the year, what I have seen is that people who come to the GDN conference…get recognition and their work becomes better known. Some of that work becomes influential later on and a lot of it has to do with the fact that GDN elevated the interest on these researchers.

One of Cárdenas’s latest papers, “Measuring Economic and Social Impacts of Migration in Colombia: New evidence” analyzes a comprehensive dataset on migration using robust econometric methodologies to assess a range of economic and social impacts of migration on individuals and households left behind.  This report was produced for the project “Development on the Move: Measuring and Optimising Migration Economic and Social Impacts” led by the Global Development Network (GDN) and the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR).

To find out more about Mauricio Cárdenas‘s work, visit his profile on GDNet and to keep up to date with all the speakers appearing at the 12th Annual GDN Conference, see the latest agenda.

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