Research communication training for GDN Awards and Medals finalists

GDN Awards and Medals Competition

Participants in the GDNet research communication training

Fourteen of the twenty-five finalists in the GDN Awards and Medals Competition began a two-day GDNet Research Communication training workshop at the Universidad de los Andes in Bogota today. Their task? To build their public speaking skills and refine their presentations which will be made to more than 300 participants at the Conference to be held later this week.

The different sessions, conducted in a participatory manner, guided participants in identifying the key principles of effective presentations; writing presentations scripts and capturing headlines in a blog post. These posts will be published online  during the conference, and featured in a broadsheet ‘Conference Daily’ that will be distributed to the delegates.

GDNet: Be seen. Get connected. Step up

About Euforic Services
Euforic Services supports development organisations to communicate, collaborate, share knowledge and manage information using internet and web 2.0 tools. We are continuing and developing the work of the Euforic Cooperative, learning from its 14 years of original, high quality programming and bringing together many of the original staff and associates.

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