President Santos confirmed to open 12th Annual Conference

GDN President Gerardo della Paolera today announced at a pre-conference news conference that Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos will open the 12th Annual Global Development Conference.

Colombia’s economy lagged behind many other Latin American countries in terms of GDP last year, but Santos is committed to making this “Colombia’s time”. It then comes as no surprise that on the back of the global economic crisis, and the growing uncertainty emanating from the EU that President Santos is keen to welcome some of the world’s most respected economists and academics, as they prepare to explore the issue of financing development in a post-crisis world.

Della Paolera believes the future looks bright for Colombia’s economy, and expects growth will return over the next two years. The financial crisis was identified as a potential source of opportunity, giving Colombia a stronger position in international trade negotiations.

However, the issues at hand are of global significance. 1.4 Billion people still live below the poverty line worldwide, and these people are likely to be the worst effected by the crisis. 75% of the participants at this year’s conference are crucially from the global South, and it is important at this critical point, that new thinking and innovative ideas are sought to break the poverty cycle.

We must commend President Santos for acknowledging the importance of the issues covered by the conference, and for situating himself alongside leading thinking in this area.

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