12th GDN Annual Conference: Major coverage of the opening ceremony in local media

The Opening Ceremony at GDN’s 2011 Conference  received major coverage from the local media, making headlines in written press and TV news. The journalists were specially attracted by the President Santos and Minister of Finance appearances, on what they called “a meeting of the most important economists of the world”. Previously, GDN’s President Gerardo della Paolera was interviewed by the leading financial newspaper of Colombia.

The President Santos announcement of a 5% GDP growth goal for 2011 was widely reported (La República, Portafolio, RCN, El Espectador), and also the comments about this announcement by Professor Guillermo Perry (Conference Programme Committee) . Later, when the Finance Minister (former Dean of Economics at the Universidad de los Andes) Juan Carlos Echeverry talked about his efforts to tighten controls over the retail banking sector, in order to benefit poor Colombians , the media was also eager to report (La Republica, RCN, Caracol, El Espectador, Portafolio).

A sad note came with President Santos’ condolences for the recent death of two of Los Andes students, who were killed near Montería (600kms north of Bogotá), which has received major coverage in the last few days. The students were doing research and taking pictures of the area, and were apparantly mistaken for police. The story is still emerging.

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