ABCDE 2011: Parallel session on work and gender equality in developing countries

Gender and employment are high on the international development research agenda, with the World Development Report of 2012, focussing on gender equality. This was also the topic of the ABCDE 2011 parallel session #13 dedicated to discuss “work and gender equality in developing countries”.

Rania Roushdy from the Population Council investigated the effects on women in the Egyptian labor market during the economic downturn. The paper provided new research evidence on the impact of the financial crisis on the female labor market. This is expected to help in shaping country-specific policies to undermine the adverse effect of the crisis.

Secondly, Rana Hendy, Researcher at the Economic Research Forum, presented her paper on “Marriage and labor market transitions: A structural dynamic model”. This research investigates the effect of marriage on labor market transitions and employment choices. The results show greater state dependence for the public than for the private sector over time. Marriage decreases the public employment probability by 18% and the private one by almost the double (30%).

Finally, Gaëlle FerrantParis School of Economics, explored the peer effect on the labor market participation in South Africa. The question is whether being surrounded by active or employed peers influences the probability to both be active and employed, and the wages. Results show the presence of peer effects on market choice and outcomes confirms that social interaction matter.



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