Using knowledge to improve policy influence

The new buzzword around the world is ‘evidence-based policymaking’. But how does this actually happen in practice? How receptive are policy makers to using research evidence in both designing and implementing their policies? And how good – and willing – are researchers at understanding and engaging with policymaking processes? What is the role of strategic communication in influencing policy, and what are the results?

CIPPEC Think Tanks Workshop, Lima 2011

CIPPEC Think Tanks Workshop, Lima 2011

“Using knowledge to improve policy influence” is a workshop that is currently taking place, August 11th-12th, in Lima, Peru. It is aimed at Executive Directors of Think Tanks in Latin America, as well as professionals involved in the research-action in those institutions, interested in learning about tools for policy influence. The main objective is to strengthen capacities of think tanks in the region to influence public policies, through the strengthening of relationships between Executive Directors and the presentation and discussion of tools, strategies and concrete experiences of research communication and engagement with policy makers.

This workshop is framed by the joint efforts of the following organizations: Overseas Development Institute (ODI), the Center for the Implementation of Public Policies Promoting Equity and Growth (CIPPEC) and the Consortium for Economic and Social Research (CIES). It also has the valuable collaboration of GDNet, Grupo FARO, and the Think Tank Initiative from the International Development Research Centre (IDRC).

“Using knowledge to improve policy influence” Workshop

“Using knowledge to improve policy influence” Workshop

Some of the main topics to be discussed are: how to face the challenges and difficulties related to research for policy influence in the region; the role of media and the relationship with think tanks and policy makers in the region; concrete tools for working with media as a key player for policy influence; identify and analyze factors that influence the role of research in the public policy process in Latin America; socialization of think tank’s experiences and strategies for policy influence in electoral processes; raising awareness of the importance and challenges of launching a system for monitor and evaluate policy influence and provide information and concrete methodologies and tools to initiate a M&E process.

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