GDNet & AERC: A fruitful collaboration?

AERC has from the beginning believed very strongly that research is not done for its own sake. Research is done in order to inform the policymaking process” stated Prof. William Lyakurwa, AERC Executive Director. However, to inform the policymaking process it is essential to make research available to policymakers in a language that they can understand. And this is what AERC is trying to do: break that barrier and speak to policymakers being the “end users”.

Mr. Lyakurwa also addressed the challenges in getting research and evidence based policy in Africa and highlighted the value added of the capacity building workshops held in collaboration with GDNet.

According to Dr. Samuel Mwakubo, Manager of the Research Department at AERC, the Research Communications Capacity Building Workshops held in collaboration with GDNet represent a very good opportunity for AERC to expose its researchers to the linkages between research and policy.

Dr. Mwakubo explored the academic background of most of the researchers as the main reason why they are keener to publish their research in journals and books rather than communicate it differently to policymakers. This is where AERC steps in to encourage its researchers towards a better and more effective research uptake.

To learn more about the measures AERC undertakes to encourage researchers to communicate with policymakers, watch the full interview:


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