GDNet reaches out to researchers

By Maya Madkour – GDNet

GDNet is now reaching out to its researchers, letting them know their work has been featured on a number of its regional windows. Part of a strategic decision to cultivate long-term partnerships with its users, GDNet understands the importance of putting a name, and face, to the organization.

GDNet staff now contact researchers every week to find out how they can create a better, more rewarding online experience. Researchers are then informed that their profile is on rotation, where users can access their work, information, and find out more about what they do; they’re encouraged to participate, and play an active role; whether by submitting their most recent work, using online services, or by providing feedback.

The reactions we’ve elicited were heartwarming to say the least; many were excited to find out their work had been featured. One particular researcher was happy she found a platform where she can learn from other users and get feedback on her work. Accessing Southern knowledge from many parts of the developing world also made her very happy.

We will continue creating direct linkages between GDNet staff, researchers, and our audience, to better accommodate their needs and serve as a knowledge hub and intermediary.

One Response to GDNet reaches out to researchers

  1. Eric Tugbah says:

    As my frantic comments on the above matter as posted on the GDN’s blog recently on 23/02/12, I believe it’s a great work being done by the GDN, especially as it aims to enhance on the continuous and long term network partnership activities between the GDN and its associate Researchers. I as one of those Researchers based right here in Ghana (Accra), I should be very much proud, privileged and humbled when granted the opportunity so as to discuss some very crucial issues of relevance.

    Thank you.

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