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For the first time K* 2012 brings together knowledge intermediaries working across the knowledge-policy interface all over the globe, to share experience, lessons learned and build a global community of knowledge practitioners. The conference will be held in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada from the 25th– 27th April. Can’t make it to Canada? You don’t need to miss out as we bring the K* 2012 experience and global community to you. With full social media reporting, including blogs, video interviews, live tweets and much more, we are mobilising the power of social media so you can contribute to the conference anywhere, anytime!

We are especially keen to amplify Southern voices to ensure that Southern research knowledge and the barriers facing Southern researchers contribute to a fruitful discussion.

Ensure you don’t miss out as we invite you to join in the conference by following and participating online:

To follow and participate in discussion remotely through social media:

  • Read the daily blog on GDNet to catch up on plenary and panel discussions and listen to interviews from speakers and participants.
  • Ask questions and share your ideas and research about your experience in navigating the knowledge-policy interface by commenting on conference blogs, tweets, photos, video and more.
  • Follow @Connect2GDNet and #Kstar2012 for live updates and comments on discussion.
  • Watch full coverage of the plenary and panel sessions provided by Webex.
  • Subscribe to GDNet blog alerts for a daily digest of conference news.

To participate in social media reporting during the conference in Hamilton, Canada:

  • Keep an eye out for our social media reporting team from CommsConsult and the Overseas Development Institute. They will be gathering insights and interviews exploring plenary and panel discussion. Don’t be shy to hunt them down and tell them your views on highlights that stood out for you.  To access, follow and participate in all social media reporting, visit the GDNet blog for daily updates.
  • Connect with partners. Use your emails, cameras and phones to tell your colleagues about your personal insights from the conference to help us share the K* experience with our partners all over the world.

We encourage you to take part in what we hope will be a fruitful discussion at K* 2012 and look forward to your contributions and discussion. See you online!

Useful links:

K* Conference 2012 – Overview

K* Conference 2012 – DRAFT schedule

K* Conference 2012 – Panel Descriptions

GDNet blog

GDNet Twitter – follow #Kstar2012 for live discussion and updates


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