Academics need to find their place in the new ‘open knowledge society’

In this video Peter Moll (International Analyst and Consultant) talks about the emergence of the ‘open knowledge society’ and what this means for academic researchers. Moll believes that academics have to move away from holding the view that their knowledge is superior to other forms. He says that linear views of knowledge that tend to dominate within the academic community need to be replaced by a more dynamic understandings of how knowledge operate in the open knowledge society.

Moll believes this can be initiated through setting more incentives in place to ensure academics engage with the new open knowledge based society. The first step in this process requires academics to be more humble and modest about what their current linear understanding of knowledge transfer can produce. Academics and their institutions have an important role to play in what is emerging, and although many have taken great strides forward, there is still some way to go before the academic community operates more fully on this new level, concludes Moll.

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