Green Cities – A view from an ‘optimistic economist’

Professor Matthew Kahn (UCLA) participated in the second plenary session at GDN’s 13th Annual Conference, looking at the topic of cities as an engine of growth.

Professor Kahn presented his work as an ‘optimistic economist‘ about green cities all over the world. Cities face many environmental challenges as there are more cars, more people, more greenhouse gases. If we don’t have new ideas, these problems will just increase and become more pressing. So where to find reasons for optimism? According to professor Kahn, when we are able to anticipate challenges, that creates the right incentive to step up and address them.

In this context, social media plays a big role in spreading the world about best practices all over the world – this can now happen much faster than before, thanks to Twitter, Facebook and the like. Green ideas can therefore spread quickly as soon as they emerge, anywhere in the world.


About Pier Andrea Pirani
Information, knowledge sharing and communications in international development - Social media and collaboration tools.

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