Awards and Medals Competition: Recognizing innovative ideas

Launched in 2000 with the support of the Government of Japan, the Global Development Awards and Medals Competition aims to recognize innovative ideas and to encourage talented young researchers. This year, 21 finalists had the opportunity to presented their papers and projects on urbanization and development during the 2012 GDN Annual Conference. Interesting discussions emerged throughout the conference’s parallel sessions where researchers presented their innovative work.

GDN Awards and Medals winners

GDN Awards and Medals winners

The Global Development Awards and Medals prize distribution ceremony took place on June 17th, 2012. Prizes were sponsored by the Government of Japan and GDN. GDNet sponsored the Medals for Theme III on The Enabling Environment – Housing, Transportation and Infrastructure. The following papers and project were awarded:
Most Innovative Development Project
  1. Anshu Gupta – “Cloth for Work”
  2. Hasina Kharbih – “Impulse Case Information Centre Database”
  3. Verengai Mabika – “Strengthening Youth capacity to climate change Mitigation and Adaptation”

Outstanding Research in development

  1. S. Chandrasekhar – “The Commuting Worker: An Overlooked Aspect of Rural-Urban Interaction – Evidence from India”
  2. Martin Oteng-Ababio – “Exploring E-waste Recycling, Health and Food Security at Agbogbloshie Scrap Yard Accra, Ghana
  3. Gabriela Estrada – “Economic incentives for discouraging urban sprawl in Mexico City”

Medal Theme I – The Interactive Economy and Urban Development

  1. Adeolu Adewole – “Schooling externalities in urban Nigeria: The Social Interactive Sources”
  2. Zheng XU – “Agglomeration Shadow:  A Non-Linear Core”

Medal Theme II – Urban Externalities (Contagious Disease, Congestion and Crime) and Urban Poverty

  1. Zhiming Cheng – “Layoffs and Urban Poverty in the State-owned Enterprise Communities in Shaanxi Province, China”
  2. Martin Benavides – “Family well being, women attitudes and the intergenerational transmission of violence in urban areas in Peru”

Medal Theme III – The Enabling Environment – Housing, Transportation and Infrastructure

  1. Néstor Gandelman – “Inter-Generational Effects of Titling Programs: Physical vs. Human Capital”
  2. Rivayani Darmawan – “Elite Capture in Urban Society”
On the days prior to the conference, GDNet had organised a two-day presentation skills training for the Awards and Medals Finalists, to  help them developing their skills, confidence and a powerful presentation to present to the Judging Committee and other scholars at the GDN conference. During the training, our colleagues at CommsConsult captured on video the voices of the finalists describing what it would mean for them to win in the GDN Awards and Medals Competition.

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    • Zeinab Sabet says:

      :) Congratulations Adewole…you deserved it! It was great seeing you in Budapest and working with you one more time. Your work has great potential to influence public policies so keep it up! All the best

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