How the World Bank Institute supports knowledge exchange on urbanization and cities

Christine Kessides, Urban Practice Manager at the World Bank Institute, participated in the closing round-table of the 2012 GDN Annual Conference.

The World Bank Institute works to foster the links that allow knowledge to get translated into action. At the GDN conference, Kessides was not only interested in getting to know the latest research on the topic but also to see how to link practitioners and the researchers. WBI focuses on capacity development as a way of enhancing the application of knowledge. For that, there’s a need to first understand what are the constraints to reform and innovation.

WBI strategy does not focusing anymore just on technical training but increasingly the attention is put on how individuals acquire knowledge and change the way they work with other stakeholders. In this sense, WBI works on codified knowledge (structured learning) but also on practitioner-to-practitioner knowledge exchange, with a specific attention to South-South knowledge exchange.

This strategy has proved to be very effective, and has been deployed in various forms, through study tours, video conferencing, community of practice (online and through local government associations), direct support to local knowledge institutions and by helping governments to develop their own capacity development programmes.

According to Kessides, there is a clear need for more research on cities; likewise, there is also a need for researchers to link to practitioners and for these to be part of research.



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