Middle East education reform think tank project

[This post is part of an ongoing project of a book on project to study the challenges involved in communicating complex ideas. The objective of this project is to gain a greater and more nuanced understanding of the challenges and opportunities for research uptake among think tanks and policy research institutes in developing countries. This post has been written by Ted Purinton and Amir ElSawy at the American University in Cairo]

Two researchers from the American University in Cairo have come together to gain a better understanding of how think tanks and policymakers discuss education reform in the Middle East. Targeting pre-university and university levels, the idea is to understand the differences between international educational trends and how they are translated and practiced in the Arab world.

This blog is a component of a project we are working on regarding the communication challenges that think tanks have in conveying complex research to diverse audiences. Our work is a subset of a larger project organized by GDNet. Our specific aim is to examine how think tanks communicate research–and most importantly, policy recommendations–to policymakers, reformers, journalists, and other researchers in the Middle East, specifically on the topic of education, at both the university and pre-university levels.

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