The dilemmas of budget advocacy via the media

[This post is part of an ongoing project of a book on project to study the challenges involved in communicating complex ideas. The objective of this project is to gain a greater and more nuanced understanding of the challenges and opportunities for research uptake among think tanks and policy research institutes in developing countries. This post has been written by Muhammad Maulana, Research and Development Coordinator at Seknas FITRA, and Bagus Saragih, a journalist at the Jakarta Post Daily]


By Flickr User Divergence (CC).

Civil society groups (CSOs) have often been met with resistance when communicating their ideas to a wider policy audience. The situation exacerbates further when policy makers conduct their own policy analyses using “in-house” research units.

This post tells the story of how a local CSO, calling for greater budget transparency and accountability, instigated change by communicating differently. And how it was able to reach the public via print and electronic media, shedding light on the importance of budget management.  

In the Indonesian context, it is no easy task to encourage transparent and publicly accountable expenditure of State budgets directed squarely, as the Constitution requires, at the promotion of public welfare. This has certainly been the experience of the National Secretariat of the Indonesian Forum for Budget Transparency (Seknas FITRA) which for years now has been advocating greater budget transparency and accountability in Indonesia.

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