Two fundamental pillars to overcome the limitations of southern research

GDNet has long been aware of the barriers that southern researchers experience when trying to inform global debates on development with their knowledge. The Connect South campaign addresses these barriers by creating an enabling environment for southern researchers to communicate their work better and more widely.

Hoda Selim; a young researcher working at the Economic Research Forum, highlights two main challenges that southern researchers face; access to data and journals, and capacity building programs. For example, most southern universities do not have the financial capabilities to subscribe to databases; as for the researchers, they cannot afford to subscribe on their own. Moreover, southern researchers are in need of attending international conferences and trainings, but again there is a financial constraint since the organizations do not allocate research budgets for these students.

She suggests that GDNet finances mobility programs to allow southern researchers to participate in conferences of the North, especially that GDNet has a significant role in offering a lot of training for southern researchers through its Research Communications Capacity Building Program.


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