Good research hidden behind walls of subscriptions

Has the “peer reviewed literature” become as “peer ONLY reviewed”?

In an attempt to highlight the challenges that southern researchers face in order to focus on solutions and ideas that help the development community to Connect South, we had the chance to interview Saifedean Ammous (Lebanese American University). He explained that data availability is one of the most crucial issues facing all academic researchers especially the ones from the south. According to his explanation, the main reason behind it is the fact that online academic journals are hidden behind firewalls and subscriptions need to be paid for them.

In other words, peer reviewed literature has changed to become peer only review; in which only the peers of the authors get to see their work; whereas regular people, researchers or others who work in a related field of research don’t have the eligibility to access these research papers.

If this issue can be addressed in an efficient manner, and researchers opened up to make their work accessible, everyone will benefit; especially the researchers themselves because they will get a feel of the value of their work in the developing community.


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