Economic Development and the Rise of Islamist Parties

(This is a cross-post based on a blog published by Salma el Meliegy ,  Communications Assistant at ERF )

The political upheavals, which swept the Arab World in early 2011 ushered in Islamist political parties in Egypt, Tunisia, and potentially elsewhere in the region. The rise of political Islam in the Middle East is contended by some to be the consequence of multidimensional crises experienced by the region. Economists and political analysts argue that some of these explanations may include failed economic policies, widespread authoritarianism, increasing unemployment, corruption and rapid urbanization.

The Rise of Political Islam

19th annual conference: The rise of political Islam

Economic Research Forum’s (ERF) 19th annual upcoming conference on ‘Economic Development and the Rise of Islamist Parties’ aims to these issues and the main economic policies aims to understand the causes behind the rise of Islamist parties, the conditions under which they succeed and the likely outcome in Arab Spring countries. The conference, to be held March 3-5th 2013, will be hosted by the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development (AFESD) in Kuwait.

Don’t miss any discussions and stay up to date with conference proceedings and messages. The conference will be covered using social media by a dedicated team. Follow the ERF and GDNet blogs for posts and stories resulting from main sessions. And for quick and fast message follow @ERFLatest and @connect2gdnet on twitter.

Conference hash tag #ERF2013


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