Communicating Competitors

By Simon Bordenave

Global Development Awards and Medals Competition (AMC) is a unique competition for promoting research on development and scaling up innovative projects. The competition aims to unearth new talent and support innovative ideas and research on development. The main and unique purpose of the competition is to channel funds to where individual talented researcher of which funding cannot reach.

Participants during the Awards and Medals workshop: Presentation skilss

Awards and Medals training- GDNet Research Communications Capacity Building Program for 2013 in Manila

Researchers who were carefully selected and will compete for the Global Awards and Competitions- also known, as Finalists- will present their research at the GDN 14th Annual Conference on Inequality, Social Protection and inclusive growth in Manila. Finalists will be asked to make their pitch throughout the 3 days of the conference June 19-21, 2013. How they pitch their presentations is crucial to them competing. Having said that, finalists attended a pre-conference workshop to help sharpen their presentation skills to the selection committee and conference audience. This workshop is part of the GDNet Research Communications Capacity Building Program, facilitated in partnership with Commsconsult and Euforic Services.

Ultimately research contributes to better life of people by proposing ideas and solutions to solving real development gaps. The role of communications in research cannot be overlooked. Doing research is important, and building the capacity to communicate is as important. How researchers present their research work is essential to inform audiences about new knowledge generated and eventually affect the public mindset as well as echoes in development policy design.

The outcome of the first day turned greatly positive for all, and everyone found ways to make better, more efficient presentation of their research. Moreover, the skills and tips acquired during the workshop will go much further than the GDN Conference, as it targets having participants make the best of their presentation whatever the context and whatever their type of audience. Let us wish them all the best for their performance during the Conference, and the numerous ones beyond!


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