To part-time or not to part-time? Chilean Case

To promote female labor force participation, part-time jobs are encouraged; they are seen as a way for women to balance paid work, care and chores activities. Evidence from developed countries links part-time jobs with lower hourly earnings. On the contrary, in Latin America, the same correlation are positive, suggesting a part-time premium. Andrea Bentancor (ComunidadMujer) in her paper ‘The Part-time Premium Enigma: An Assessment of the Chilean Case’ uses recently developed technique (identification through heteroskedasticity) that identifies the effect of working part-time on hourly earnings on Chilean data; she finds that such premium disappears and that women are penalised when they access to a formal/salaried part-time job. (See presentation by Andrea Bentancor)

This paper has key policy implications for countries that see part-time work as a way to increase female labor force participation. Given the fact that part-time work is considered precarious and put women on a side-track, the possibility that beyond its bad features it could also mean a monetary penalty for women is a reason to be concerned.

Bentancor argue in her paper that more than half of female part-time workers declare being in such condition involuntarily. This fact suggests that full-time jobs for all these women may not exist. If this is the case, the challenge is to design public policies in order for part-time female workers to face neither penalties nor low probability of accessing public social welfare benefits and low expected pensions. Otherwise, as it is currently happening, the promotion of part-time jobs has adverse consequences in terms of gender equality.

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