Awarding innovative development research and ideas

Winners of the Global Development Awards and Medals Competition 2012

Launched in 2000 with the support of the Government of Japan, the Global Development Awards and Medals Competition aims to recognize innovative ideas and to encourage talented young researchers. This year, 12 finalists had the opportunity to present their papers, research proposals and projects on inequality, social protection and inclusive growth at GDN 14th Annual Conference. Interesting discussions emerged throughout the conference’s plenaries and parallel sessions where researchers presented their innovative work.

The Global Development Awards and Medals prize distribution ceremony took place today, June 21st, 2013. Prizes were sponsored by the Government of Japan and GDN. GDNet sponsored the Medals for Theme II on Social Protection and Social Policies. The following papers and project were awarded:

Most Innovative Development Project

  1. Gladys Kalema  – Zikusoka, Founder and CEO of Conservation Through Public Health – CTPH
  2. Nadia Afrin Shams – Promoting Infolady for Building Inclusive Information and Knowledge System (PILBIIKS)
  3. Anupama Jha – Transparency International India (TI)

Outstanding Research in development

  1. Sara Wong – “Labor Market Effects of Mandatory Benefit Regulations and Social Security Enrollment”
  2. Marjan Petresk ; Nikica Mojsoska Blazevski & Blagica Petreski – “EdPlaCo-MK: A tool for greater gender wage equality in Macedonia, with reference to workers’ characteristics and selectivity bias into employment”
  3. Hippu Salk KristleNathan & Srijit Mishra – “Inclusiveness of Human Development in India”

Medal Theme I – Social Protection and Social Policies

  1. Andrea Bentancor, “The Part-time Premium Enigma: An Assessment of the Chilean Case
  2. Rafael P. Ribas, “Direct and Indirect Effects of Cash Transfer on Entrepreneurship

Medal Theme II – Inequality

  1. Yasheng Maimaiti, “The Gender Education Gap in China: Menarche and the Power of Water”
  2. Nguyen Duc Quang, “Trust Experiments and Survey Data from Vietnam”

A GDNet Research Communications Training was conducted two days prior to the conference in collaboration with CommsConsult and Euforic Services. Targeted at the GDN Awards and Medals Competition finalists, the training was designed with a special focus on presentation skills, with the aim to help finalists improve their skills, confidence and produce a powerful presentation and a handout to present to the Judging Committee and audience at the GDN conference.


3 Responses to Awarding innovative development research and ideas

  1. Gomad ideas says:

    The Global Development Network (GDN) is an independent International Organization that allies researchers and institutes in development globally.

    • Zeinab Sabet says:

      Indeed @Gomad. What I personally like about the Global Development Competition as one programmme of GDN is that young researchers get the opportunity to present their outstanding research on development and/or their innovative development projects in a big conference gathering experts and economists from the field, they receive feedback and comments that help them take forward their work, but also the winners receive prizes that give them the right push to keep up the good work.

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