EdPlaCo-MK – A tool for greater gender wage equality in Macedonia

It goes without saying that research on economic and social development nurtures the debate within the development community. However, one should question the added value of evidence-based research in the policymaking process. An outstanding research proposal was presented and discussed yesterday at the GDN 14th Annual Conference on Inequality, Social Protection and Inclusive Growth.

Macedonian labor market shows a relatively large gender employment and participation gaps, coupled with considerable gender wage inequality. Marjan Petreski and Nikica Mojsoska Blazevski, (University American College Skopje, Macedonia) presented today his research proposal “EdPlaCo-MK – A tool for greater gender wage equality in Macedonia”. The research proposal aims at contributing to reduce the gender wage gap in the Macedonian labor market. An assessment of the gender wage gap will be conducted, taking into consideration the different characteristics of the working-age males and females in Macedonia, as well as the effect of the high inactivity and unemployment of the low-skilled women on the gender wage gap.

Petreski argues that such analyses are to be used to develop an online tool – EdPlaCo-MK –   aiming to help public and private employers establish and promote a fair remuneration. The innovative approach of the proposal lies in the implications it would raise when conducted.  At an employer level, the tool will help improve the reputation of the company as a corporate social responsible one with gender fair employers, and therefore, attract effective workers. At an employee level, EdPlaCo-MK will increase the employees’ motivation to join companies with gender fair wage.

But more importantly, and as Petreski argues, this research proposal is of particular policy relevance. Indeed, at a government level, the research findings “will support the design of more effective policies for gender equality, in line with the Strategy for equal employment opportunities”. He also highlights the potential the implementation of EdPlaCo-MK has to bring greater usage of the female untapped work potential.


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