“Financial inclusion and innovation in Africa” – AERC’s 39th Biannual Research Workshop

aaa-anniversaryThe African Economic Research Consortium (AERC)’s second Biannual Research Workshop of this year kicked off in Nairobi, Kenya, this morning. With a special focus on “Financial inclusion and innovation in Africa”, the 39th plenary session will be followed by concurrent sessions from December 2-5, 2013. Three papers are being discussed today, and followed by a policy round table discussion. The authors of the plenary papers are: Thorsten Beck (Tilburg University and Cass Business School); Laura Klapper (World Bank); Peter Ondiege (AfDB) and Lydia Ndirangu and Esman Nyamongo (Central Bank of Kenya).

Established in 1988 as a public not-for-profit organization devoted to the advancement of economic policy research and training in Africa, AERC celebrated yesterday its 25 years of excellence in capacity building in economic research and training, as well as service in economic policy research on November 30, 2013. This anniversary provides AERC with an opportunity not only to showcase its achievements over the years, but also to analyze the success factors for future research and training programs. Networking, collaboration and partnerships came up as main success factors which have been augmented by the synergy between research and the training programme.

More than 3,300 African researchers from 25 countries have been trained through AERC’s Research Programme; which has produced over 2,000 master’s graduates and supported 400 PhD students. Besides the robust research on African economic policy and training network, AERC managed to create a high-level policy network of more than 900 senior African policy makers through convening regular Regional Senior Policy Seminars, bringing together ministers of finance, governors and deputy governors of central banks, and heads of government departments, among other senior government officials.

Download the Biannual Agenda

Follow live proceedings of the plenary


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