The more we know, the better we become

In an attempt to solve development challenges, more accurately real problem gaps of a society,a decision maker  requires access to information. Evidence based data, information and research knowledge is one way to identify what the problem is, where the gaps are, measure its magnitude, and guide decisions to achieve rational development policies. Enabling access to micro data, is one means to ensure the continuous initiation of a wealth of new, fresh and policy relevant analysis of  reform, the Economic Research Forum (ERF) has made accessible its comprehensive Open Access Micro Data available online on household and labor market panel surveys. Feel free to check it out!

The Egyptian Labor Market Panel Survey

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Today,the Economic Research Forum (ERF) holds a two-day event to announce the main findings of ‘Egypt Labor Market Panel Survey (ELMPS) 2012’ from the 7-8th December 2013. During the event, ERF plans to disseminate results of the ELMPS 2012 survey and present a number of research papers that have built on the findings of the survey.

In this spirit, ERF launched a research project that aim at providing a detailed understanding of how political instability and challenging economic conditions have affected the performance of the Egyptian labor market in terms of the structure and evolution of main trends, female participation, youth unemployment and aspirations, labor market dynamics, labor market earnings, the contribution of MSEs to employment and income generation, international migration, among others. Some of the papers that have been commissioned and completed are available here.

Having said so, information and communication are two pillars to shaping awareness and to create a well informed base of stakeholders. Information should respond as much as possible to the needs of decision makers and targeted stakeholders, who are possibly more  likely to consume information generated. Communications should help in raising the consciousness and filtering the information to avoid “ information overload” and to direct messages to the right dissemination channels to increase its usefulness and increase its uptake.

Over the two days, the ELMPS will introduce the survey and present the findings of the research papers with the audience of academia, policy makers and media. More generally, the conference also aims at providing a platform to discuss and assess various labor markets aspects in the hope of contributing to a better design of public policy.

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  1. You can also listen to the authors of the papers commissioned by the ERF research project speak briefly about their paper objectives and the main findings. Some interesting policy recommendations came up as well. ( )

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