ENID: A Call for developing Upper Egypt

The Egypt Network for Integrated Development (ENID) is a five-year initiative to develop viable and sustainable development and employment opportunities in South Upper Egypt, where levels of poverty and unemployment are high. ENID is holding its first annual conference today December 14th 2013 at the Marriott hotel in Cairo, Egypt. The opening session was a very fruitful one with lots of guest speakers; Prof. Heba Handoussa (Managing Director of ENID), Ms. Anita Nirody (Resident Representative of UNDP), H.E. General Adel Labib (Minister of Local Development), H.E. Dr. Ashraf El Araby (Minister of Planning), H.E. Dr. Ziad Bahaa El-Din (Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of International Cooperation), Ali Gomaa (Egypt’s former Mufti and Head of Board of Trustees in Misr El Kheir) and Abdel Hamid El Haggan (Qena Governor).

ENID's Opening Session - Pannelists

ENID’s Opening Session – Panelists

ENID work is intended to be of use for both policy formulation and program development in each of its program areas. The first point of focus is the Governorate of Qena in South Upper Egypt. One of the things ُENID should be accredited for is that a lot of the participants are from Upper Egypt; and outside the conference hall, they are presenting and selling some of the handmade products made by Upper Egypt residents.

Ali Gomaa was the first speaker, he highlighted that Misr El Kheir (charity organization)  allocate 80 percent of its donations to Upper Egypt since it is under-developed and always neglected, while 20 percent is allocated to the rest of the country.

Abdel Hamid El Haggan (Qena Governor) took the lead after, he mentioned briefly the projects being undertaken for the development of Qena in different sectors. For example, some training courses have been undertaken for women, as well as  some English and computer courses for youth. In addition, health services, and sewing workshops are being established. “Qena is rich in its natural resources, such potential helps in the development of Upper Egypt if we make good use of them” El Haggan.

Ashraf Al Araby (Minister of Planning) stressed on the “social justice” as a main call for the 25th January revolution, and that not much have been achieved. Thus, the new human development report will focus on that with collaboration with the UNDP.  “29.7 billion Egyptian Pounds have been pumped in all governorates in Egypt; the share of Upper Egypt is nearly 10 billion Egyptian Pounds” Al Araby. Moreover, 15 industrial zones will be established in Upper Egypt before June 2014, and they are working on Safaga port project to create more job opportunities as well as new industrial zones. Last but not least, he recommends that there should be a coordination between public and private organizations and NGOs as well to unite and focus the efforts on the development of Upper Egypt.

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