ABCDE 2011: Keynote address by Daniel Cohen

Daniel Cohen, Professor of Economics at the École Normale Supérieure and Paris I University, and Director of the Centre for Economic Research and Application (CEPREMAP) of the Paris School of Economics offered his views on factor accumulation, culture and institutions in his keynote speech at the ABCDE 2011 event.

Daniel Cohen, Paris School of Economics (PSE), speaking at the ABCDE 2011

Daniel Cohen, Paris School of Economics (PSE), speaking at the ABCDE 2011

Mr. Cohen stated that the world has been changing quite significantly over the past few decades and that we are witnessing the “rise of the rest” in terms of population and GDP.

What are the causes of these changes and what the consequences on global economy and culture? According to Cohen, scholars tend to explain these changes through different elements, such as factor accumulation, productivity, the role of institutions and cultural shifts. Mr. Cohen presented an overview of the different theories. In his own opinion, everything matters. In particular, according to Mr. Cohen today’s globalization is primarily driven by exogenous policy changes (rise of India and China, in a large part due to the collapse of the Soviet model) and endogenous cultural shifts (demography, television and social media such as Facebook). Yet, the idea that peace and democracy are endogenously determined by prosperity goes too far. Peace and democracy have a life of their own.