Conferencia anual de GDN 2011: Amplio cubrimiento de la prensa local a la ceremonia de apertura

La ceremonia de apertura de la conferencia anual de GDN 2011 tuvo un amplio cubrimiento por parte de los medios locales e hizo parte de los titulares del día en la prensa escrita y los noticieros de televisión. Los periodistas estuvieron specialmente atraídos por las intervenciones del Presidente Santos y el Ministro de Hacienda, en lo que la prensa llamó “una reunión de los economistas más importantes del mundo”. A principio de semana el principal diario financiero de Colombia dedicó una entrevista al Presidente de GDN Gerardo della Paolera.

El anuncio hecho por el Presidente Santos de una meta de crecimiento del 5% del PIB para 2011 fue ampliamente mencionado en la prensa, (La República, Portafolio, RCN, El Espectador) y también los comentarios que al respecto de este anuncio hizo el Profesor Guillermo Perry (del Comité de la Conferencia). Más tarde, cuando el Ministro de Hacienda (antiguo decano de economía de Los Andes) Juan Carlos Echeverry hizo comentarios acerca de la posibilidad de incrementar los controles a los servicios financieros para incrementar la bancarización de los colombianos más pobres, los medios estuvieron prestos a reportarlo (La Republica, RCN, Caracol, El Espectador, Portafolio).

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12th GDN Annual Conference: Major coverage of the opening ceremony in local media

The Opening Ceremony at GDN’s 2011 Conference  received major coverage from the local media, making headlines in written press and TV news. The journalists were specially attracted by the President Santos and Minister of Finance appearances, on what they called “a meeting of the most important economists of the world”. Previously, GDN’s President Gerardo della Paolera was interviewed by the leading financial newspaper of Colombia.

The President Santos announcement of a 5% GDP growth goal for 2011 was widely reported (La República, Portafolio, RCN, El Espectador), and also the comments about this announcement by Professor Guillermo Perry (Conference Programme Committee) . Later, when the Finance Minister (former Dean of Economics at the Universidad de los Andes) Juan Carlos Echeverry talked about his efforts to tighten controls over the retail banking sector, in order to benefit poor Colombians , the media was also eager to report (La Republica, RCN, Caracol, El Espectador, Portafolio).

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Development on the move: Colombian remittances in focus

The impact of migration on development has long been acknowledged. However, comprehensive evidence on how migration effects development in different countries has, up until now, been lacking. A new research project called Development on the Move aims to bring this issue into focus by gathering new qualitative and quantitative data from different countries around the world. This data is intended to inform policy and maximise the impact of migration on development.

Colombia has been identified as one of the focus countries for this research, and is an interesting case because it has only relatively recently become a major sender and recipient of international migrants. Migration and remittances are increasingly  important issues for policy makers here, with 8% of Colombians now living abroad (primarily in the US, Spain and Venezuela), and remittances generating 3% of the country’s GDP. Read more of this post

Research communication training for GDN Awards and Medals finalists

GDN Awards and Medals Competition

Participants in the GDNet research communication training

Fourteen of the twenty-five finalists in the GDN Awards and Medals Competition began a two-day GDNet Research Communication training workshop at the Universidad de los Andes in Bogota today. Their task? To build their public speaking skills and refine their presentations which will be made to more than 300 participants at the Conference to be held later this week.

The different sessions, conducted in a participatory manner, guided participants in identifying the key principles of effective presentations; writing presentations scripts and capturing headlines in a blog post. These posts will be published online  during the conference, and featured in a broadsheet ‘Conference Daily’ that will be distributed to the delegates.

GDNet: Be seen. Get connected. Step up

Key Conference Speaker: Mauricio Cárdenas

Mauricio Cárdenas - World Economic Forum on La...

Image by World Economic Forum via Flickr

Mauricio Cárdenas has contributed a great deal to the Global Development Network, especially through his role as head of the Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association (LACEA), currently one of GDN’s Regional Network Partners (RNPs). Mauricio Cárdenas’s agenda is one to always keep an eye on.

Currently a senior fellow and director of the Latin American Initiative, Cárdenas will be one of the main speakers at GDN’s upcoming 12th Annual Conference to be held in Bogota. Cárdenas will speak on day 3 of the conference at Plenary 6, a roundtable discussion about “Financing development: looking into the future”. The session will focus on the central policy lessons emanating from all of the conference discussions and suggest new and innovative ways forward for economic policy.

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You are the Global Development Network: Spread the Word!

In this final message from the 11th Annual Global Development Conference, GDN’s President and Chief Economist challenge you to take forward the debates that we heard in Prague. We do not want it to be ‘just another conference’, but the beginning of an ongoing dialogue that leads to consensus, and action.

So, we need to know ‘How was it for you?’ Please take three minutes to tell us:

  1. What was the main message that you have taken away from the conference? For example, watch Boris Vujcic on You-Tube talking about his personal ‘take-away’ messages.
  2. Who have you told? Please tell us two people you have told about the conference (and their institutions, if relevant) and where you plan to communicate the messages of the conference in the future.

From this we will produce a network map of the conference to show its reach.


Awards and Medals!

GDN 2010 Conference: Awards and Medals WinnersWinners of the GDN Conference Awards have been announced. In a ceremony held last night at the impressive Czernin Palace, GDN’s President Gerardo della Paolera, presented the awards to eleven researchers. The winners were:

The Japanese Award for the Most innovative Development Project went to:

GDN Conference Calls for New Global Financial Authority

Professor Guillermo Calvo has called for the creation of a new Global Financial Authority which would protect the global economy from future financial crises. He was speaking at a press conference to launch the forthcoming 11th Annual Global Development Network conference in Prague on Friday January 15th, the day before the conference officially opened.

The esteemed economist who predicted the 1994 ‘Tequila Crisis’ in Mexico, the Russian financial crisis, and the recent global financial crisis – despite many claiming that it was an impossibility – said that lessons must be learned if the world is to cope with future financial crises. He said that the sub-prime mortgage, originally little more than a minor problem, turned into a crisis because it expanded beyond the authority of national Central Banks. He added that it was completely understandable that politicians make policy responses to local circumstances, because they are put into positions of power by local people. But this makes obvious the need for a higher order institution to work outside of national borders. Read more of this post

GDN Welcomes You to Prague!

Welcome to the beautiful city of Prague for the 11th Annual Global Development Conference.  The next few days promise to be incredibly interesting.

The event provides the opportunity for delegates to share new knowledge and ideas.  But what else? What makes this conference stand out from the next?  How will you remember it?  Will it be the special session on climate change given by Lord Anthony Giddens? Will it be the chance to meet up with old friends and colleagues?  The Czech hospitality?  The city skyline?  The snow?

For each of you, the answer will be different. Read more of this post

Affecting Change Through Communications

Researchers and academics nominated for GDN Awards and Medals have been helped to promote their research to a wider audience through more effective communication at a two-day workshop.

The GDNet Research Communications to Policy workshop, run for two days prior to the start of the conference, was designed to develop and move research into policy. Attendants cultivated media-savvy skills through a series of exercises and workshops designed to promote research to a wider audience as a catalyst for changing policy. Read more of this post