How to win an online and offline audience

The second day of the Awards and Medals Training Workshop covered more ground in terms of the do’s and don’ts of presentations and how to effectively handle and win your audience. Starting with a brief Q&A session, Megan Lloyd Laney (CommsConsult) discussed how to deal with contentious questions, and effectively address them, and win the crowd in the process.

Pearls of wisdom were also handed out, such as not getting defensive or aggressive, and admitting when not knowing how to do something. It’s also never a bad idea to crack a few jokes and get your audience laughing. Some final thoughts reiterated the importance of taking deep breaths, having confidence in the subject matter, your ability to deliver, and just being sincere; as surefire ways to captivate your audience.

The second highlight of the day, led by Pier Andrea Pirani (Euforic Services), was a session devoted to social media tools for researchers and how and why to use them. It started with a fun, hands-on activity involving a human spectrogram where finalists were asked three questions, relating to their attitudes towards social media, and how beneficial they believe it is in terms of their research, and making it travel.

Having fun during social media session

Needless to say, responses were varied, with some believing in the efficacy of social media as a powerful way to communicate to a wide audience, and others seeing it as a cumbersome, at times useless approach to spreading the message. The session was fun, informative, and helped shed light on the options available to researchers. The choice to use or not to use the tools, remains theirs.