Tool to rationalize hometown investment by overseas Filipinos eyed

Alvin Ang and Jeremaiah Opiniano

During the GDNet Awards and Medals Finalists Presentation Skills Training that took place on the 11-12 January, participants were asked to write a blog to capture the key issues underpinning their work.

We feature here a blog written by Alvin Ang and Jeremaiah Opiniano, from the University of Santo Tomas Research Cluster on Culture, Education and Social Issues in the Philippines, who were last night declared the winner of the Japanese Award for Outstanding Research on Development (ORD).

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Development on the move: Colombian remittances in focus

The impact of migration on development has long been acknowledged. However, comprehensive evidence on how migration effects development in different countries has, up until now, been lacking. A new research project called Development on the Move aims to bring this issue into focus by gathering new qualitative and quantitative data from different countries around the world. This data is intended to inform policy and maximise the impact of migration on development.

Colombia has been identified as one of the focus countries for this research, and is an interesting case because it has only relatively recently become a major sender and recipient of international migrants. Migration and remittances are increasingly  important issues for policy makers here, with 8% of Colombians now living abroad (primarily in the US, Spain and Venezuela), and remittances generating 3% of the country’s GDP. Read more of this post