GDNet-AERC Policy Brief Training Workshop – ICT and Economic Development Project

I am writing this blog from Nairobi, Kenya, where I am helping run another GDNet-AERC Policy Brief workshop held from 1-2 December, 2011. The workshop is the fourth in a series of research communications capacity building workshops which were held in collaboration with the African Economic Research Consortium (AERC) over the past two years 2010-2011.

Workshop Photo

Workshop Group Photo

Entitled “GDNet-AERC Policy Brief Training Workshop”, the workshop was designed for a specific group of researchers who produced research papers for the AERC “ICT and Economic Development” Project. The objectives of the workshop are:

  • To build capacity and skills in communicating research to maximise its uptake and impact
  • To increase understanding of research to policy processes, and the role of Policy Briefs in this process
  • To improve understanding of the role of the media in communicating research, in order to be more strategic about media tactics in future
  • To produce an outline Policy Brief for each research project, to be finalised after the workshop with support from GDNet team
Arsène Nkama (Cameroon) & Prisca-Nadège Bibila-Nkouma (Congo)

Arsène Nkama (Cameroon) & Prisca-Nadège Bibila-Nkouma (Congo)

An entire session of the workshop will be dedicated to a Mock Press Conference during which researchers will present the key findings and recommendations of their research to an audience of journalists.

For more information about the workshop, follow us on Twitter @Connect2GDNet

More blogs about the workshop will be posted soon


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